At Smart Water, we aim to find solutions for our customers’ water-related needs through a full suite of services in design, supply, install and maintenance. Our design team are Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) through Irrigation Australia as the CID certification is a requirement for Professional Indemnity Insurance in this field. We are proud to be the only organisation in Victoria that can offer irrigation design, product supply, installation, and maintenance services. With decades of experience, working on projects in urban landscapes and open space, sports fields, and agricultural irrigation, our team designs smart irrigation systems that work for you and your client.

We will design an irrigation system to suit your needs and budget while saving water in the process. Our design process includes the following:

Design Development

  • Determine client and design team expectations.
  • Establish the preferred methods to irrigate including equipment preferences, control methods, and any specific hydrozoning and other site-specific requirements.
  • Information and resource collection: landscape AutoCAD base plan, BOM local climate information, plant and soil material information.
  • Confirm water supply type and location (potable/non-potable), power supply location, and availability.
  • Discuss site-wide water strategy and future expansion (if applicable)
  • Determine peak water demands and water budget.
  • Schematic irrigation plan (preliminary) in AutoCAD showing controller and water location, suggested sleeve locations, proposed mainline route, and hatched hydrozone areas.

Detail Design and Tender/Construction Documentation

  • Expand on schematic drawing to include complete irrigation layout in AutoCAD. Includes emitter/spray layout, pipe layout and hydraulics, valve locations, sleeves and conduits, controller, and sensor locations in readiness for Tender issue.
  • Installation detail of major components.
  • Irrigation schedule and valve schedule.
  • Watering schedule and runtime schedules.
  • Technical specification document.
  • Schedule of rates.
  • Pre-tender opinion on probable costs.
  • Assistance with the tender review process.
  • Construction issue plans.

Installation (Construction) Services

  • Site inspection after layout (staking) of irrigation.
  • Site inspection for nominated hold points.
  • Site visit for minor defects reporting at commissioning (Practical Completion).
  • Site visit for defects rectification before handover.

We offer a unique set of services at Smart Water and our design team is only the beginning. To simplify the irrigation process, we offer a full suite of services following your design, to supply, install and maintain the irrigation system.

To start your irrigation design process, have your questions answered, or to simply find out more information, fill in the form below and our Design Lead, Ben, will be in touch.