Leading specialists for irrigation supplies & installation in Melbourne

Smart Water Corporation is a long established* and highly respected company that specialises in the sales and installation of a wide range of drip, spray and sprinkler irrigation supplies and garden, water related products for commercial and household applications. We are the leading irrigation supplier and water systems store in Melbourne for water tanks, pumps and fittings.

Our company comprises of three divisions: Smart Water Shop which includes three retail outlets servicing the needs of trade and retail customers. Smart Water Installations install and service irrigation systems on a large or small scale. Smart Water Projects provide irrigation design and consultancy services to individuals, business organisations, and government.*originally established in 1985

Smart Water Shop provides a wide range of irrigation and water related products through three retail outlets in Melbourne as well as online. We have been successfully specialising in these products for over 30 years so you can purchase from us with confidence.

Our staff have extensive training and experience in all aspects of the products we sell and are pleased to be able to assist our customers to find the solutions to their water related needs.

Smart Water Shop's range of products include:

  • Pipe and Pipe Fittings in PVC pressure pipe, HD poly, Rural Poly, LD Poly, electrical conduit, PVC stormwater pipe, recycled and galvanised Steel.
  • Residential and Commercial Sprinkler products and fittings.
  • Garden Sprays and Micro spray fittings
  • Drip Irrigation Systems, Drip Tube and Drip Fittings.
  • Hose and Tap fittings in Brass and Plastic
  • Rainwater Tanks and Rainwater Harvesting products
  • Recycled Water Solutions, Equipment and Fittings
  • Pressure Pumps, Sump and Drainage pumps, Fire Fighting Pumps as well as Pool Pumps. Brands include Davey, Bianco, Dab, Grundfos and Universal.
  • Pump repair service on most pressure pump brands.
  • Garden lighting products and fittings
  • Garden ponds, pond pumps, pond liners and accessories
  • Instant Turf, turf seed and soil additives.
  • Stormwater and drain pipes, pits, lids and fittings and
  • Other related products

We supply the above products to individuals, trade, business organisations, and government.