Sediment Removal Cartridges

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Sediment Removal Cartridges
  Sediment Removal Cartridges offer a practical filtration solution with the convenience of a cartridge filter and the economy of cleanability. These filtration cartridges are ideal for a number of applications, including drinking water, beverage industry, laboratory use, food industry, pre-filtration ahead of sub-micron filters, and other industrial applications where low contamination levels exist.
 Smart Water Shop stock a range of Domestic Filtration Supplies, including:

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Polyspun Cartridges
 Polyspun Melt Cartridges offer several advantages in drinking, food and pure water applications. Their construction is all food grade polypropylene – no gaskets, binders, fillers, loose fibres, centre core or surfactants to be concerned about! These filters are extra-ordinarily clean with no extractables, meeting regulatory guidelines for use in food, pharmaceutical and potable water use.
 Every Polyspun Cartridge consists of thousands of interlocked, thermally-bonded fibres. This bonding means that fibres are less likely to shift with changes in flow or pressure and therefore do not release contaminants downstream. These cartridges cannot be cleaned and should be replaced at least every 12 months.

Pleated Cartridges
 Polyester Pleated Cartridges feature pleated construction which delivers longer run length, higher flow rates, higher dirt-holding abilities, and low pressure drop – giving the lowest cost per litre filtered! These cartridges can be cleaned once they present as dirty by running under a tap or giving a gentle hosing. The cartridges are thermally bonded to provide integral joints between the pliable endcaps and rigid centre core for added strength and longer service life.
 Pleated Cartridges are particularly useful for low pressure applications, such as domestic supplies using header tanks or rainwater.

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