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Outdoor lighting has become a whole lot more viable in recent times with wholesale change from Halogen globes to LED globes. LED’s use a fraction of the power that other types of globes use, so outdoor lighting can be left on at night without costing you a fortune on your electricity bill.Read more.

Admittedly LED garden Lighting products cost more to purchase but with the savings in power as well as the savings in the cost of lighting cable and transformer (see explanation below) they are cost justifiable.

Outdoor Lighting comes in many categories and can light up any part of the garden or garden feature at night for security or Aesthetic purposes or both.

Bollards and Path Lights

Bollards and Path Lights are the vertical style posts that run alongside a path or driveway to illuminate it at night.

You see a lot of path lights in solar powered format but they never seem to be as bright as the 12 volt lights.

Pond Lights

Pond lights are submersible lights designed to sit at the bottom of a pond to illuminate this great garden feature at night. They come in 240V as well as 12 Volt.

Step Lights

Step lights are vertically mounted lights with the sole purpose of illuminating steps so people don’t trip over at night.

Spike Spots

Spike Spots are used to illuminate trees and scrubs or even a feature in the garden or garden wall.

Deck and Up lights

This style of light usually come as a round or square flush mounted light designed to be walked over.

Provides a very aesthetic ambiance on decks and outdoor rooms.

Wall Spots

These are wall or post mounted lights which shine a light down or up or both. Some can even be swivel in, out or side to side.

Garden Electrical

Outdoor Lighting is not all about lights, they all need to be connected to a power source such as a waterproof 12 volt transformer via wires and connectors.

Because LED lights consume for less power that Halogen or other types of globes, they require less current and as such don’t require large transformers or heavy duty cabling both of which are more expensive than that required on an LED Outdoor lighting system.

At Smart Water Shop we can sell all aspects of Outdoor lighting so give us a call or drop into one of our retail stores and have a chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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