Davey Rainbank

Davey are an Australian company that manufacture, produce, and sell a wide range of varied water pumps and related products. Davey Water Pumps include: pressure pumps, submersible pumps, engine-driven pumps, firefighter pumps, pool pumps, borehole pumps, shallow and deep well pumps, and many more.

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Davey Rain Bank (KRB Surface Mount Series)
 The Davey Rain Bank and KRB Surface Mount Pumps are a range of automatic controllers and pump kits, designed specifically for use in rainwater harvesting. The Rain Bank unit allows for automatic switching between rainwater and available mains water supplies, eradicating the need for human intervention, while remaining easy to install and simple to operate. With a number of different Davey pump models available with the Rain Bank unit, there is a configuration for every one and every project.

Davey Rain Bank (KRBS Submersible Series)
 The Davey Rain Bank and KRBS Submersible Pumps are ideal for use in single and multi-storey homes with multiple outlets, requiring rainwater for a range of applications. Easy to install and maintain, these convenient combo kits are perfect for use in laundry, toilet or similar domestic applications with automatic mains water back-up. The Davey KRBS Series is environmentally friendly, features a unique patented technology for additional efficiency and performance, and provides seamless back-up in the event of interruption within a system.

Davey Rain Bank (KRBX Silver Series)
  The KRBX Rain Bank Series combines the renowned Rain Bank module with a quality Davey Silver Series pump, creating the perfect pumping unit for most single-storey properties, double-storey buildings, and irrigation systems. This convenient combination allows the priority sourcing of rainwater for toilets and laundry applications, only utilising the connection to mains water as a precautionary back-up system.

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