Davey Pressure Pumps

Davey are an Australian company that manufacture, produce, and sell a wide range of varied water pumps and related products. Davey Water Pumps include: pressure pumps, submersible pumps, engine-driven pumps, firefighter pumps, pool pumps, borehole pumps, shallow and deep well pumps, and many more.
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Davey Horizontal Multi Stage Systems (HM Series)
 The Davey HM Pressure Pump Series is composed of stainless steel, compact, horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps with motors included. The Davey HM Series is suitable for large flows and high pressure applications up to 425L per minute, pressures of up to 650kPa, and high water temperatures up to 105C. The HM Series is commonly used for a number of commercial and domestic applications, from water treatment (demineralisation and filtering) to irrigation and gardening.

Davey Home Pressure Systems (HS/HP Series)
 The Davey Home Pressure Systems (HS/HP) are the perfect pumps for single and multi-storey homes. Torrium controllers on the Davey range provide constant flow without any annoying fluctuations, and ensure that operation of the unit is whisper quiet for consumer enjoyment. The Davey Home Pressure Systems are ideal for pumping clean, non-volatile, non-aggressive liquids without fibres or solids, in applications such as irrigation, water transfer, and household water supply.

Davey Jet Pumps (XP/XJ Series)
 The Davey Jet Pumps (XP/XJ Series) are the perfect robust and compact, single-stage, jet-assisted, centrifugal pumps with Torrium constant flow control. The Davey Jet Pumps are designed to cater to medium to large, single and multi-storey homes, in applications such as directing household water supply, washing systems, and home irrigation. These pumps are ideal for pumping clean, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids present.

Davey Silver Series Pumps
 The Davey Silver Series is a range of less expensive, economic water pumps, also known as the Garden Range. Davey water pumps are well renowned for their quality and reliability, and the Silver Series has been developed to live up to this enviable reputation. Although these pumps are manufactured outside of Australia, all the components of the units have been made to meet both Australian and Davey standards.  

Davey Master Dealer
 As a Davey Master Dealer, we advise customers on the most suitable Davey products and pumps depending on the application or system being installed. In addition to providing valuable advice, we both sell and service a wide range of Davey products.
 Smart Water Shop are your first port of call for any installation or servicing of Davey Water Pumps.

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