Davey Firefighter Pumps

Davey are an Australian company that manufacture, produce, and sell a wide range of varied water pumps and related products. Davey Water Pumps include: pressure pumps, submersible pumps, engine-driven pumps, firefighter pumps, pool pumps, borehole pumps, shallow and deep well pumps, and many more.

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Davey x Honda Firefighters (Single & Twin Stage Pumps)
 Developed in conjunction with Honda engines, these economical, self-priming units are ideal for applications involving firefighting, water transfer (tanker and high head), sheep jetting, boom spraying, and irrigation installations. Available in a range of different heads and flow rates, these quality Davey x Honda units are the perfect addition to any property prone to bushfire attack.

Davey x Honda Firefighters (Remote Start Pumps)
 The Davey Remote Start Firefighter Pumps are fit with a quality Honda engine and powered by the Telstra 3G networks for additional accessibility, control, and management of the unit. Ideal for areas susceptible to fire attack, these units can be programmed, stopped or started, or scanned for maintenance reports with a simple SMS. The Davey Remote Start Units can only be stopped manually (by key switch or SMS signal) or when an issue has arisen within the product (lack of fuel or mechanical problems) ensuring the machine will continue to fight threatening fires until unable to do so.

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