DAB Sump Pumps

DAB Pumps was originally found 40 years ago in the hillsides of Northern Italy. With an Italian passion for innovation, quality, and durability, DAB has a proven brand reputation for trusted reliability across an extensive range of motor-driven water pumps. Today, DAB is recognised in Australia, NZ, and other corners of the world, as one of the leading pump companies within the industry.

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DAB Feka 600 (Vortex Pump Series)
 The DAB Feka Submersible Pump Series are designed to handle dirty water and suspended solids, making them suitable for applications involving the lifting of sewerage or handling of grey water. These DAB units feature level switches for fixed installations, a stainless steel composition for long life and durability, and automatic operation in applications requiring it.

DAB Vertical Sump Pump (Nova Series)
 DAB’s Vertical Sump Pumps are suitable for fixed domestic applications, such as draining basements and other spaces prone to flooding. They are also ideal as portable pumps for emergencies, like lifting water from tanks or rivers, emptying swimming pools, and prepping for excavations. With a range of different heads and flow rates, DAB has a Vertical Sump Pump for every project.

DAB Divertron
  The renowned DAB Divertron Submersible Pump is the ideal automatic pressure system pump for use with clean water. Supplied wired and ready to install, this pump features an electronic automatic restart pump control with dry-run protection, ensuring longevity and durability in the Divertron unit.

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