Bianco Sump Pumps

 Bianco are a well-known manufacturer of pumps for numerous applications and uses, ranging from: domestic pumps for use in rainwater harvesting and pool use, all the way to firefighter pumps. Regardless of your project, Bianco Pumps will have a unit for you.

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Bianco Sump Pumps (Series 2)
 The range of Bianco Series 2 Sump Pumps are light and compact units, intended for use with clean water, and available in models with internal or external float switches to suit a variety of applications. These fully automatic pumps are ideal for pumping out sumps and flooded areas, but are not recommended for use on construction sites, ponds and fountains, or with bio-treatments.

Bianco High Head Sump Pumps
  Bianco’s light and compact, high-head, submersible pump is designed specifically for use with clean drinking water, having sufficient pressure to operate as a pressure system pump when wired to a suitable controller. These pumps are not suitable for use on construction sites, with pond or fountain displays, or to be installed in bio-treatment systems.

Bianco Light Construction Sump Pump (AHS Series)
  The range of Bianco Light Construction Sump Pumps are submersible drainage pumps, fitted with semi-vortex, eurethane-coated impeller plus agitator, supplied wired and ready to install. These units feature corrosion-resistant components and dual mechanical seals to ensure the efficient pumping of suspended solids, sandy materials, and foreign particles. The Bianco AHS Sump Pumps are ideal for use on construction sites, with storm water, and in underground areas susceptible to flooding (such as basements.)

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