Bianco Firefighter Pumps

 Bianco are a well-known manufacturer of pumps for numerous applications and uses, ranging from: domestic pumps for use in rainwater harvesting and pool use, all the way to firefighter pumps. Regardless of your project, Bianco Pumps will have a unit for you.

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Bianco Tanker & Gusher Firefighter Pumps (Vulcan Series)
 Bianco’s Tanker and Gusher Firefighter Pumps are light weight, self-priming, engine-driven pumps, ideal for general water transfer or cartage, tank filling, and de-watering applications. Complete with 4-Stroke cylinder engine and multi-point discharge ports, these units are versatile and perfect for most domestic/agricultural applications.

Bianco Portable Engine-Driven Firefighter Pumps (Vulcan Series)
  The range of Bianco Portable Engine-Driven Firefighter Pumps are a series of light weight, compact, self-priming pumps perfect for applications requiring portable units. Supplied ready to install with all essential accessories, these units are ideal for tank filling, general water transfer, and dust suppression. The Bianco Vulcan’s custom-built frame ensures that the unit is able to be serviced without requiring removal.

For more information about Smart Water Shop’s range of Bianco Firefighter Pumps, visit your closest store or give one of our friendly consultants a call.

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