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Toro Australia's origins began in 1925 and is now a leading supplier of irrigation products to the landscape, agricultural, turf care and domestic garden markets. This is complemented by an expansive range of mowers and turf care equipment that caters for golf, turf, sports fields and grounds, professional landscape contractor, residential and hire and rental markets.

Toro Irrigation Controllers

Recently released, the Toro Evolution Outdoor irrigation controller is a new style controller that is menu based. It incorporates an easy to understand digital interface, which pushes the technological envelope regarding simple operation and expandability.

Based on tablet and smart phone technology, the Evolutions icon style buttons allow users to perform simple actions – such as “Adjust” watering amount and “Water Now”. Simple “Help” buttons are included to aid the end user as well.

The “Advanced” button on the controller’s touch screen can be used by landscape contractors so as to have access to the full power of the Evolution controller including the ability to set up multiple irrigation and auxiliary schedules. Operations that may otherwise be too confusing for the average homeowner.

A computer software program allows the user to program everything at a computer. Simply use a standard USB drive to transfer programming to one or more controllers in a matter of seconds.

The base Toro Evolution 4-16 Station Outdoor Controller comes standard as a 4 station controller but can additional 4 and 12 zone modules can be added to increase it’s capacity to 16 Stations/Zones.

Toro Battery operated Irrigation Controller

Toro TSSCWP waterproof Single Station 9 Volt Controller is a single station controller. It’s ideal for use in remote or isolated single zone areas. Perfect for use with Toro valves sold with DC-latching solenoid.

Toro Solenoid Valves

Toro Ez Flo Plus solenoid valve with flow control.

Toro’s EZ Flo Plus series jar top design makes it the convenient choice for household and small commercial applications. It uses a threaded bonnet system and heavy duty cap ring (no screws needed) these valves allow for easy maintenance checks and servicing.

Toro P220 Solenoid Valves

Toro P220 solenoid valves are a commercial grade solenoid valves rated to 1515Kpa.

Toro Drip Line

Toro Drip Eze comes in 4mm and 13mm diameter tubing with each dripper emitting 2 litres of water per hour. It comes in various role lengths and hole spacings to suit the job at hand.

Drip Ez is water conservation made easy. Toro Drip-Eze is a one piece in-line pressure compensated (13mm only) drip tube suited to a wide range of landscape applications and because it's brown it blends in with the landscape.

Drip Eze applies water to the plants at a slow consistent rate. It reduces the risk of run-off and water wastage. It is particularly suited to garden beds where overspray cannot be tolerated. Remember every drip system must be installed with a pressure reducer air release valve and flushing valve to ensure correct operation of the system.

Other Toro products include: Irrigation Fittings, PVC Glue and Irrigation cable.

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