Netafim Irrigation Products

Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing the world's first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, Netafim have led the way by developing products that help its customers optimize their irrigation results.


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Drip Irrigation Systems


Netafim Techline AS

Integral pressure-compensating, continuously self-cleaning, anti-siphon, 13mm brown dripperline

Netafim Techline AS has an anti-syphoning diaphragm built into each dripper; and comes standard with pressure compensated drippers. The diaphragm will act to prevent anything from being sucked back into the drip line when it shuts down and pressure compensation is suitable for sloped areas. Techline AS is available in multiple drip rates and coil lengths. Dripper spacing and flow will depend on your garden set-up. With all drip lines a pressure reducer air release valve and flushing valve are a necessity.

Netafim Miniscape (Landline 8)

Netafim Miniscape (Also known as Landline 8) is an economical easy to use brown 8mm dripline for use on scheme water sub mulch. The dripline has 2 L/hour drippers and intervals of 0.30m. It is a non pressure compensated dripline ideal for small flat garden beds vegetable gardens and pot plants. 

Netafim Bio-Line AS is an excellent drip tube coloured for use with recycled water. It is the Lilac coloured version of Netafim's Techline AS, with the same specifications and features.

Netafim Tiran Lilac coloured drip tube is perfect for grey water irrigation, its design makes it capable of distributing grey water to your garden effectively. Due to its high flow rate, it is the preferred drip tube for many grey water diverter systems.

  • Wide filtration area with improved resistance to clogging.
  • Large filtration area ensures optimal performance even under harsh water conditions
  • Wide cross section improves clogging resistance
  • Flow Rate (per dripper): 2lph (grav.) 8lph (press.)
  • Tube Size: 13mm
  • Dripper Spacing: 30cm
  • Available Length:100m

 Netafim Flushing Valve

An automated flushing valve by Netafim. This unit will flush 3 litres of water through the system upon every start up to ensure the best condition for your drip line. Install this fitting at the furthest point from the water supply.

Netafim Air Release Valve

An air release valve by Netafim fitted at the highest point in the line it has the purpose of allowing air to be purged from the line when the water is turned on and prevents a vacuum from occuring.

Netafim Fittings

Netafim also manufacture a range of fittings to suit 16mm, 13mm and 8mm driplines.

Netafim Coolnet is a super-fine static mister especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses and livestock, ‎and for irrigating over rooting tables.

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Ascento Pump Pre-Filter (25mm)


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Netafim: Pressure Indicator Flag


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Netafim: Landline Tee (6mm)


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Netafim: Pro Punch Tool (7mm)


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Netafim Bioline AS 3l/h 0.3m 100


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LDPE Pipe 13mm x 100m (Purple)


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