Everhard Industries

 Everhard Industries is a 91-year-old, fourth generation, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of commercial solutions for surface water drainage, stormwater drainage, wastewater systems, and more.

 From the beginning of our proud history in concrete laundry tubs, to our technically advanced wastewater dispersal and management systems, Everhard Industries has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of plumbing and drainage solutions in Australia.

 Everhard is committed to producing quality products that ecologically capture, drain, filter and disperse water – hence the motor ‘Everything Water’ – as well as introducing civil local councils in the development of new infrastructure that ultimately benefits the community as a whole.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Everhard Industries products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Everhard: Stormwater Pit

 The Everhard Stormwater Pit is a water collection unit designed for both commercial and domestic surface water drainage applications. Everhard’s vast ranges of heavy-duty, polypropylene stormwater pits are durable, strong, and ideal for trafficable areas.

  • UV-Stabilised Polymer with Exceptional Weight to Strength Ratio
  • No Penetration Restrictions for Electrical or Data Points
  • Lifting & Tie-Down Points are Built-In for Easy Installation
  • Ideal for Commercial & Domestic Installations


Everhard: Aluminium Grates
 The Everhard Stormwater Aluminium Grate is designed to fit onto your existing stormwater pit and protect it from large undesirables and contaminants. The Everhard aluminium grates are not designed to receive any form of constant traffic (whether by foot or vehicle) but present an attractive solution for smaller drainage pits.

  • Models Available: 260 or 300 Series
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Suitable for use in Domestic or Non-Trafficable Applications

Everhard: Galvanised Iron Grates

 The Everhard Galvanised Iron Storm Water Grate is a heel-friendly, bicycle and wheelchair safe, trafficable grate ideal for public walkways or domestic applications. The galvanised iron grates are also lockable for added security.

  • AS 3996-2006 Class Loadings: Class B Grate
  • Suitable for Pedestrian Areas open to Traffic from Service Vehicles
  • Solid & Durable Grate, with Lockable Features for Added Security

Everhard: Poly Pit Covers
 The Everhard Poly Storm Water Pit Cover is ideal for use with Everhard’s Polymer Stormwater pits that are not used as an inlet pit or located in trafficable areas. The Everhard Poly Pit Cover is most suitable for domestic surface water drainage applications.

  • Reduces Insect attack & Gutter Waste in Domestic, Non-Trafficable Areas
  • UV-Stabilised High-Grade Polyethylene Lid
  • Solid & Durable

Everhard: Checkerplate Pit Covers

 The sealed nature of the Checkerplate lid is guaranteed to prevent leaf and stone waste from entering your tank, which may compromise the quality of the water. The Everhard Storm Water Checkerplate Cover is a Class A cover designed specifically to withstand light pedestrian traffic (by foot and vehicle) and is not intended for applications that are exposed to a higher level of activity.

  • Models: 300A | 450A | 600A
  • Suitable for use in Domestic or Non-Trafficable Areas
  • Sealed Checkerplate Design Prevents Leaf & Stone Waste Entering the System



Everhard: EasyDrain Channel
 The Everhard EasyDRAIN Drainage Channels allow for quick and easy installation to effectively remove water with ease, while offering the opportunity to decide the length and configuration of your own drainage system.

  • Create your own Drainage System – DIY Channels
  • Simple, Click-Together Joining Mechanism
  • Tough, UV-Stabilised Polymer Materials

Everhard: TechnoDrain Channel

 The Everhard TechnoDrain Evomax System consists of a 1 meter HDPE channel with a 2mm thick galvanised steel frame. The EvoMax channel and grate combination is an ideal solution for driveways and parking lots which support loads up to Class B requiring drainage solutions.

  • Suitable for High-Traffic Commercial Areas Requiring Additional Strength
  • Light-Weight for Additional Savings on Installation Costs
  • Class-B Galvanised Grate with Lockdown Screws & Support Edge

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