All Weather Tanks


All Weather Tanks

 All Weather Tanks is a proudly Australian-owned business providing the highest quality rainwater tanks available on the modern market. These quality units offer a durable and affordable solution to harvesting, storing, and accessing fresh rainwater for use around the house and garden.

 Every All Weather tank comes complete with a ‘Built to Last’ 10 Year Warranty, giving you confidence that your tank has been designed and built to the highest Australian Standards, and peace of mind that the unit can withstand the toughest of Australian conditions.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of All Weather Tanks, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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All Weather: 5,000L Round Rainwater Tank
 All Weather’s Round Rainwater Tank stores up to 5000L in a unobtrusive, strong and durable round tank, that is specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements. The curved body of All Weather’s Round Rainwater Tank is custom designed to reduce dust and direct collection all year around, while the even distribution of polyethylene across the moulding ensures strength and durability.

  • Composed of Food Grade UV20 Polyethylene, Guaranteeing Water is Clean & Free of Contaminants
  • Unique Curved Design Reduces Dust & Dirt Collection
  • Adheres to Strict Australian Standards of Quality


All Weather: 1,000-5,000L Slimline Rainwater Tank
 Our range of All Weather Slimline Rainwater Tanks store up to 5000L in an unobtrusive, strong and durable slimline tank that is specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements. These tanks are ideal for properties lacking space or those not willing to sacrifice appearance, as the tanks fit neatly underneath eaves, along boundary lines, or anywhere else lacking the room for a traditional round water tank. These tanks are available as standard slimline, super slimline, short slimline, and lowline models.

  • Adheres to Strict Australian Standards of Quality
  • Unobtrusive, Strong & Durable Composition
  • Ideal for Properties/Sites Lacking Space



All Weather: 1,000-2,000L Under Deck Tanks
 The All Weather Under Deck Rainwater Tank is designed specifically to fit underneath existing decking or houses. The slim design of these tanks allows for rainwater storage on properties that would otherwise lack the space for water storage and systems, such as domestic or inner-city residences. Smart Water Shop carries All Weather Under Deck Tanks in the capacities of 1000L and 2000L.

  • Designed & Made in Australia from Food Grade UV20 Materials
  • Tank Comes Complete with all Necessary Fittings
  • Carries a 10-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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