Top 10 Smart Irrigation Controllers: Save Time, Energy & Money!

01/04/2019 10:00AM



 A Smart Irrigation Controller or Tap Timer is an innovative controller with built-in water saving features, designed to save money and time in the garden, while ensuring effective irrigation. These features may include weather sensors to adjust watering scheduling based on local conditions, manual or automatic operation, app-controlled access and operation from the palm of your hand, and much more. Smart Irrigation Controllers help to provide a healthy, beautiful landscape while reducing water usage, saving money on water bills, and reducing effort expenditure.



ESP-RZXe: Smart Residential Irrigation Systems

 The ESP-RZXe Controller provides zone-based set-up that is simple to understand and navigate by untrained users and professionals alike. This unit provides flexible scheduling features that ensure the controller is suitable for a wide range of applications, including basic residential installations as well as light commercial projects.
 The ESP-RZXe is also compatible with Rain Bird’s Wi-Fi LNK Module – converting it into a wireless device capable of forwarding and receiving internet-based weather data to conveniently adjust watering schedules depending on requirement and weather patterns.

  • Fixed 4,6 & 8 Zone Models
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Display
  • Zone-Based Scheduling, Contractor Rapid Programming, Manual Watering, etc.
  • LNK Wi-Fi Module Compatible

ESP-Me: Smart Light Commercial & Residential Irrigation Systems

 The ESP-Me is an ideal Smart Controller for residential and light commercial application as it features a scalability of 4 to 22 stations, allowing for a larger watering area. The ESP-Me controller is also Wi-Fi LNK Module ready, easily updated to wireless control and access with the installation of Rain Bird’s Wi-Fi Module alongside a new Wi-Fi compatible front panel for the controller.

  • Supports Between 4-22 Zones
  • One-Touch Watering, Seasonal Adjust, Delay Watering, Short Detect Error Notifications, etc.
  • LNK Wi-Fi Module Compatible




X-Core: Smart Residential Irrigation Systems

 Hunter’s entry-level residential controller – the X-Core – offers simple operation with smart Solar Sync compatibility, ensuring it is an ideal product for the avid gardener wanting to save on water and costs. Simply plug in the revolutionary Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor to convert the X-Core controller into a “smart controller” that is capable of regulating irrigation runtimes based on locally sourced weather information. This residential controller is designed for quick and easy installation, operation and maintenance, while still delivering optimal efficiency and reliability.

  • Fixed 2, 4, 6 & 8 Zone Models
  • Easy-Retrieve Memory, Programmable Rain Delay, Quick Check, Short Circuit Protection, etc.
  • Solar Sync ET Sensor Compatible

Pro-C: Smart Commercial & Residential Irrigation Systems

 The Pro-C Smart Controller combines the power of Wi-Fi based irrigation management with the convenience of modular functionality into one single next-generation controller. This professional-grade controller is the ideal unit for contractors and tradies – helping to save time, save water, protect landscapes and ecosystems, and meet the demands of customers who require or desire smart irrigation systems.

  • Supports Between 4-16 Zones
  • Predictive Watering Based on Real-Time Temperature, Rainfall Probability, Humidity, etc.
  • Add a HC Flow Meter for System Error and Issue Notifications
  • Built-In Milliamp Sensor for Troubleshooting Wiring Issues
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Touchscreen Display

ICC2: Smart Commercial Irrigation Systems

 Hunter’s ICC2 Controller is a value-packed, light-to-mid size commercial irrigation controller that delivers more than expected, just like its famous predecessors. The ICC2 is designed to control and manage larger projects (between 38 and 54 stations when utilising an expansion module), ensuring it is the ideal control unit for commercial projects.
 These convenient and powerful units are prewired for use with the Hunter ROAM remote control and transmitters, and have built-in Solar Sync technology for automatic water savings (with an optional sensor.)

  • Supports Between 38-54 Zones
  • WaterSense Smart Watering when used with Solar Sync Technology
  • Programmable Rain Delay, Quick Check, Non-Volatile Memory, Seasonal Adjustment, etc.
  • Simple Programming with High Visibility Backlit Display & Language Overlays




HC: Smart Residential Irrigation Systems

 Manage your residential irrigation system from anywhere in the world using your smart device or web browser with Hydrawise’s innovative new web-based software. The HC is a new style, full-functioning controller complete with convenient touchscreen display, multi-station standard controllers wit optional expansion modules, and a number of additional features to help make managing your system easier.

  • Fixed 6 & 12 Zone Models with 12 Station Expansion Module Option (To 36 Zones)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Simple & Fast Connection to the Internet
  • Predictive Watering Adjustments Based on Local Weather, Rainfall, Humidity & Wind Speed
  • Optional HC Flow Meter for Real-Time Detection & Alerts
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Touchscreen Display

Pro-HC: Smart Commercial Irrigation Systems

 Like its counterpart, the Pro-HC Smart Controller integrates Hydrawise web-based software into its design for easy, wireless access and control of your irrigation system. Unlike the residential model, the Pro-HC offers models of fixed 6,12 & 24 zones, ensuring it is a suitable controller for commercial installations alongside residential. With a dedicated master valve/pump start, built-in milliamp sensor, and large terminal strips and wiring compartment, this smart controller is innovative, powerful, and capable of handling a range of projects

  • Fixed 6, 12 & 24 Zone Models
  • Built-In Milliamp Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Simple & Fast Connection to the Internet
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Start
  • Predictive Watering Based on Local Weather, Forecasted Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, etc.
  • Optional HC Flow Meter for Real-Time Alerts




B-Hyve: Smart Residential Irrigation Systems

 Orbit’s new and innovative B-Hyve Sprinkler Timer allows the user to water more efficiently and economically by helping to make watering decisions based on the ecological needs of a yard, while giving the user the freedom to access and control the system from anywhere worldwide using a smart device. Whether you’re in the garage, the comfort of your bed, at work, or halfway around the world, you can monitor and control your sprinklers as if you were standing next to the timer

  • Fixed 6 & 12 Zone Models
  • Smart WeatherSense Technology Auto Adjusts Controller to Local Weather Data
  • Smart & Manual Scheduling, Smart Watering, Real-Time Updates, Forward Looking Calendar, etc.




Hunter: Bluetooth Tap Timer

 Hunter’s innovative BTT (Bluetooth Tap Timer) is the ideal app-controlled, light irrigation unit for plants, flowers, nurseries, greenhouses, and small lawn areas in need of efficient watering. Designed for use with the standard garden hose faucet, the BTT allows contractors and homeowners a solution that is capable of remote programming from a smart device – eradicating the need to climb around shrubs or step on plants in order to operate the unit

  • Built-In Manual Start for Up To 1HR of Manual Irrigation
  • Quick & Easy to Install: Operates on 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Cycling Mode for Interval Drip System Irrigation or Seed Germination
  • Rain Delay Feature for Up To 7D of Suspended Irrigation
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Programming for Easy Wireless Smartphone Control
  • Includes Quick Coupler Adaptor

Galcon: 9001 Bluetooth Tap Timer

 Galcon’s Bluetooth 9001BT incorporates all the great features of their 9001 Timer, with the added benefit of Bluetooth capability. On its own, the Galcon 9001BT is a user friendly, reliable tap timer capable of providing your garden with efficient irrigation – now able to be controlled and monitored from the palm of your hand with Galcon’s free Android or iOS app

  • 20/25mm Tap Timer with Bluetooth Programming
  • Access, Operate & Monitor the Controller With or Without a Smart Device
  • Operated with 1 x 9V Alkaline Battery (Not Included)
  • Rain-Off Suspension Option & Rain Sensor Override
  • 7 Day Programming or 1-30 Day Interval
  • Run Times from 1 Minute – 12 Hours

Orbit: B-Hyve Wi-Fi Tap Timer

 The B-Hyve Wi-Fi Smart Tap Timer (with Wi-Fi Hub) gives a user complete control over hose tap watering direct from a smart device. The Wi-Fi connection allows a user to make changes to the programming of the unit from anywhere, and allows the timer to receive instant weather updates. When receiving weather data, the B-Hyve will adjust watering scheduling to deliver only the required amount of water to your plants: this avoids wasting water with the added benefit of savings on bills, time, and energy.
 The B-Hyve is capable of working together with other units to boost signal strength without the need for repeaters – simply add additional smart valves to create multiple watering zones within your yard or landscape

  • Wi-Fi Connection Allows for Real-Time Weather Updates & Notifications
  • Manual Watering at the Timer for Instant Tap Use
  • Complete Control over Hose Tap Watering from your Smart Device
  • Program the Timer by Using the B-Hyve App (Android, iOS & Web)
  • Add on Additional Timers to Create Multiple Watering Zones