Smarter Water for Smarter Communities

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Woodlea - the fastest growing residential community in Australia, spans 711 hectares and integrates the latest in estate sustainability. Smart Water Corporation has had several installation teams working on this exciting project since early 2016.

Located in Rockbank North, Woodlea is the largest master planned community in Australia to achieve all six of the EnviroDevelopment accreditation 'leaves’, for the developments ecosystem, water, energy, waste, material and community elements. In meeting these accreditation leaves, Woodlea residents will benefit from reductions in energy, water consumption and cost, both at the individual and community level.

Approximately 30 percent of the site (in excess of 500 acres) has been reserved for public open spaces, incorporating an extensive network of walking and cycling paths for residents. A sustainable urban water system management plan will be implemented making use of recycled water, keeping the suburb green and minimising water demand from the expected 20,000 plus residents.  

Findings worldwide signify that societies who emphasise and promote greater areas of green and public space alongside structures and streetscapes encourage connection, understanding and community spirit. These areas carry a higher property value than those without green spaces and many residents report fewer stress-related health issues, which feeds back into the development and sustaining of community environments.

For all these reasons and no doubt many more, new housing developments today are increasingly designed with a greater emphasis on the integration of man-made environments and natural environments. During design phases, project specifiers are now paying careful consideration not only to the outdoor environment itself but also to the irrigation design and installation, as this is a key cornerstone to the success of the landscape.

The Woodlea project mandates maximum water efficiency by including Best Practice Irrigation Design implementation, low precipitation nozzles and drippers, and a smart control system utilised across the space. Smart Water Corporation have implemented these facilities and products throughout the site to minimise the amount of water consumed while maximising the water management systems overall efficiency in maintaining the health of green public spaces.

Decoder activated solenoid valves incorporating the latest in technology have been installed by Smart Water Corporation and the system can be monitored 24/7 to ensure sustainable and measured use of the water.  

Flow and weather sensors are connected throughout the system to engage and deactivate watering when required. They also ensure alarm triggers are sent in the event of a system error, safeguarding that minimal water goes to waste.

With an irrigation and water management system this concise, the Woodlea residential estate has certainly earned its EnviroDevelopment accreditation and will continue to set the benchmark for residential development for some time. 

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