SMART WATER's Smart Water Strategy: Your Guide to the Efficient & Effective Use of Water!

13/02/2020 11:00AM


The Australian Summer of 2019/20 has proven to be one of the hottest and driest periods the country has seen – with destructive bushfires destroying land and air-borne debris and ash affecting household water supplies. With water being a precious resource we need to conserve for firefighting, household supply and general watering around your property, there is no better time than the present to update your strategy and start applying water in a smarter way.

 Just as our community has moved towards using energy in a smarter way, we also need to do the same for our water supplies!

 The Landscape Irrigation Experts at Smart Water are professionals in the design and installation of water-efficient systems, regardless of the size or requirements of a property. Our Smart Water Strategy is:

    Potable water is a finite resource that we all need to work together to conserve. Ensure you have a quality irrigation system in place that uses less water while keeping your garden adequately hydrated – including ‘smart’ technology such as WiFi or Bluetooth-Enabled Irrigation Controllers and revolutionary Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles.


    Instead of getting your water exclusively from the mains supply, source alternative water sources to keep your household running and your garden green. Rainwater Harvesting is a fantastic alternate to utilising mains supply – rain is readily available depending on the season and easy to harvest with the correct equipment, switch devices can be installed to change between mains and stored water, and it saves property owners money in water bills. To ensure you are harvesting the cleanest water possible, it is good practice to install first flush diverters and quality filtration units (such as rain heads.) This is an especially good option, as tanks can be filled again and again.


    Where possible, recycle and utilise grey water (such as water from the laundry and bathroom) and storm water. This will help to reduce dependency on mains supply – saving money and resources.

 Smart Water have been providing irrigation goods and services to properties since 1985, so you can rest assured that our specially-trained Landscape Irrigation Experts hold years of experience to provide the people of Victoria with the best advice, quality products and supplies, and specialised services.

 For more information about how you can implement an effective and efficient Smart Water Strategy on your property, visit us in-store or give our friendly staff a call!