Smart Water Irrigation Design

10/04/2021 12:00AM

The design of an efficient irrigation system requires careful planning and lots of consideration. One of the main features of your irrigation system is that it should help you to conserve water. Not only should it work well and provide proper irrigation flow to your landscape, but it should also be easy to maintain.

The Smart Water design process

At Smart Water, our certified irrigation designers (CID) have the collective experience of over a hundred years in the industry. We continue to develop our skills and knowledge in urban landscape and open space, sports field and agricultural irrigation to be able to provide smart irrigation designs that simply work.

For us, an efficient irrigation system not only helps to save water, but also reduces evaporation and runoff. An efficient irrigation system also promotes plant health by ensuring each plant’s root zone receives enough water and avoids soaking areas that don’t need to be watered. At Smart Water, we adhere to the following design development processes to ensure the most effective and efficient irrigation system:


During this stage, we collaborate with our clients to determine what they would like to achieve with their irrigation system, as well as outline realistic goals. We also discuss budgets and timelines and whether there may be a possibility that the system will have to be expanded in the future. Considerations that should be kept in mind include management, operation and maintenance requirements. Naturally we help with all of these aspects of your irrigation requirements.

Performing site evaluations

We familiarise ourselves with various factors that will affect the irrigation system we are evaluating. Site characteristics such as the site size, water source, water type, BOM data, soil type, topography, plant type, power options at the site, plus pressure and flow are taken into account. These site characteristics have an impact on how we proceed in determining the best irrigation solution in each instance. As an example, the site size dictates how many plants can be planted in the area. Understandably this affects the total irrigation requirement. Furthermore, soil type and properties such as texture and structure affect how soil and water interact, including the soil’s water-holding capacity. 

Designing key components

To come up with an efficient design, Smart Water focuses on the following variables:

  • Water source and type refers to the amount of water available for the system and the equipment needed depend on the water source used
  • Sprinkler/emitter selection, layout and spacing typically depends on plant/turf type density, landscape shape & size as well as the usage and traffic the space will receive.
  • Uniformity, application rate and matching precipitation rates can be affected by the terrain slope and soil type as well as the overall climate in the area
  • Hydrozone selection refers to the grouping of plants with similar water, soil and sun requirements
  • Pipe layout and sizing affects the water pressure and flow rate
  • Controller system and sensor type help control the watering cycles by automatic activation and conserve water during or after a rain event
  • Irrigation scheduling that suits the season and/or development period of the landscape

Get smart irrigation solutions from Smart Water!

If you’re in need of a reliable watering system and other irrigation supplies, the team at Smart Water is here for you! Our experts use the latest CAD software to present a professional and easy to follow irrigation package including irrigation plan, installation detail, specification documentation as well as valve, watering and runtime schedules.

As the leading irrigation supplier and water systems store in Melbourne, we also offer a wide range of water-related products such as rainwater tanks and pressure pump systems. With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner!

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