Smart Irrigation Controller

22/04/2021 12:00AM


A smart irrigation system helps in ensuring an efficient watering regime that meets specific landscape needs. A smart irrigation controller provides a more convenient method of improving outdoor water use efficiencies. 

A smart irrigation controller acts like a thermostat that automatically adjusts your sprinkler system schedule to match the weather data, soil type and other site conditions in real time. This maximises irrigation efficiency, effectively reducing water waste without compromising plant health and quality.  

Here at Smart Water, we have a range of smart irrigation controllers that can help you achieve the best results. 

Rain Bird ESP-TM2

The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Controller is simple, flexible and provides an easy-to-understand zone-based setup. If you’re looking for a controller with flexible scheduling features suitable for a wide range of applications, including basic residential installations, as well as light commercial projects, this is a great choice. 

  • Fixed 4,6, 8, and 12 Zone Models
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Display
  • Zone-Based Scheduling, Contractor Rapid Programming, Manual Watering, etc.
  • LNK Wi-Fi Module Compatible

Rain Bird ESP-ME3

The Rain Bird ESP-ME3 controller provides the station count options you need. Simple and reliable, it is a Wi-Fi enabled irrigation controller that can be easily upgraded to operate wirelessly by simply installing a LNK Wi-Fi Module without having to replace the entire control unit. When installed alongside the Rain Bird LNK Module and WR2 Rain Sensor, the ESP-ME3 meets EPA WaterSense Certification.

  • Supports Between 4-22 Zones
  • One-Touch Watering, Seasonal Adjust, Delay Watering, Short Detect Error Notifications, etc.
  • LNK Wi-Fi Module Compatible

Hunter: X-2

The economical X-2 controller is Hunter’s entry-level residential controller that provides simple operation with next-generation technology. It has smart Solar Sync compatibility to help save on water and costs. By plugging in the revolutionary Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor, convert the X-Core controller into a “smart controller” capable of regulating irrigation run times based on locally sourced weather information.

  • Fixed 4, 6 & 8 and 14 Zone Models
  • Easy-Retrieve Memory, Programmable Rain Delay, Quick Check, Short Circuit Protection, etc.
  • Solar Sync ET Sensor Compatible

Hunter HC

With Hydrawise’s innovative new web-based software, it’s easy to manage your residential irrigation system from anywhere in the world. The HC is a new style, full-functioning controller complete with convenient touchscreen display, multi-station standard controllers and a number of additional features to help make managing your system easier.

  • Fixed 6 & 12 Zone Models 
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Simple & Fast Connection to the Internet
  • Predictive Watering Adjustments Based on Local Weather, Rainfall, Humidity & Wind Speed
  • Optional HC Flow Meter for Real-Time Detection & Alerts
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Touchscreen Display

Hydrawise Pro-HC

Featuring integrated Hydrawise web-based software with predictive watering technology, the Pro-HC smart controller can adjust schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wine and humidity. Unlike the residential model, the Pro-HC offers models of fixed 6,12 & 24 zones, ensuring it is a suitable controller for commercial installations alongside residential. 

  • Fixed 6, 12 & 24 Zone Models
  • Built-In Milliamp Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Simple & Fast Connection to the Internet
  • User Friendly Interface with Large LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Start
  • Predictive Watering Based on Local Weather, Forecasted Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, etc.
  • Optional HC Flow Meter for Real-Time Alerts


Get smart irrigation solutions from Smart Water!

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