New LED lighting Range from Azoogi

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LED lighting has made significant strides since it was first introduced into our homes. As consumers, we’ve loved how effective LED has been in reducing electricity bills and saving money in the long term with fewer light bulb replacements.

Illuminating with LED lights has transformed outdoor and indoor spaces but it required time and innovation before LEDs were able to advance and adapt to meet a range of aesthetic solutions.

We have a range of LED lights that provide an elegant and simple solution for lighting around your home and garden.

Click here to view our Azoogi LED Range

There are many Benefits from using LED Lighting....

Less Energy

LED Bulbs are up to 90% energy saving compared to incandescent bulbs. This is because Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs work on gas therefore more energy is consumed by burning gas. This is opposed to LEDs, which work on electricity. Therefore more energy is consumed by burning gas.


The LED bulbs are designed specifically to draw the heat to the metal base of the bulb. LED bulbs also have housing technology that cools off the bulb, enabling you to touch the actual bulb without feeling the heat.

Life Span

The LED Bulbs live up to ten times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Therefore saving you money as you buy the bulbs less frequently. With a burn time of 50,000 hours, you are able to leave your lights on for around 11 years straight without feeling guilty about your energy bill or if they burn out. Over time, less lumen output will occur after a long period of time, causing the light to become less bright.

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