NEW EZ Decoder Systems (EZDS): Powerful Two-Wire Control!

03/02/2020 11:00AM


HUNTER EZ Decoder Systems (EZDS):
Powerful Two-Wire System for Simple & Low-Cost Installation

Cost and complexity have often limited decoder technology to high-end systems, but with the new EZDS Decoder System, anyone can take advantage of two-wire installations with simple, more cost-effective technology!
Bring the power of two-wire control to more projects than ever before.

The EZDS is compatible with all features of the Hunter-Hydrawise HCC Controller, as well as the ICC2 Irrigation Controller. Simply plug in the EZ-DM (Decoder Module) two-wire output to enable up to 54 stations of irrigation, plus a master valve, on a single pair of wires. Then simply place EZ Decoders at each valve!



  EZ Decoders are small, waterproof, and come with colour-coded wiring and a convenient LED status light. They do not require special wires or connectors to function, ensuring that installation and maintenance is a simple process.
  Better yet – the EZ Decoder System can coexist with conventional output modules, allowing for hybrid functionality of both direct-wired valves and decoder operations in the same controller! This technology also permits easy conversion of a conventionally wired system to two-wire using the existing wiring bundle.
 It’s THAT easy!


Hunter’s EZ Decoder Systems (EZDS) offer a number of advantages, including:

    Decoders can be positioned anywhere along the two-wire pathway(s), allowing for flexibility in landscape design, and allowing for easy changes to the landscape plan later on.
    Adding more valves or stations to your irrigation system at a later date is made easier with the installation of Hunter’s EZ Decoder System! It eradicates the need to run new wiring, reducing costs overall of adding additional valves, outputs or inputs to your installation.
    The installation of an EZDS Module and Single Station Decoders allows for the expansion of Hunter’s HCC and ICC2 Irrigation Controllers, increasing the number of stations from up to 38-54, without the need for new wires.
    Two-wire systems allow for the control of many solenoid valves/irrigation zones over long distances by receiving both signal and power from the same path. This allows a user to install multiple irrigation zones down the same wire run, as opposed to requiring separate power wire for each individual solenoid.



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