Historic Armadale Site gets Fresh Landscaping & Quality Irrigation!

03/09/2019 10:00AM

 A prominent Armadale landmark built during ‘Marvellous Melbourne’s’ 1880s property boom is currently seeing major renovations to its main structure, as well as surrounding fresh gardens and lush landscaping to compliment the beautiful Queen Anne Victorian’s new lease on life. The team at Smart Water Installations have been working on-site alongside SCR Landscapes to create a stunning residential garden complete with best practice irrigation design and quality water-efficient products.

 The new smart irrigation system installed on the property by the Smart Water team incorporates water-efficient Rain Bird sprinkler nozzles that uniformly distribute water for even and appropriate hydration, ensuring all individual hydrozones on site are appropriately catered for. By working closely with SRC Landscapes, Smart Water were not only able to create a customised system ideal for the new gardens on the property, but have been able to combine modern, innovative water systems with classic architecture – maintaining the aesthetic of the historical building while bringing its surroundings into the modern day.


 Smart Water are passionate about designing and installing quality residential landscape irrigation systems, guaranteed to apply water effectively and efficiently, while minimising the effort required by the homeowner. Our Smart Water team also handle assessment and maintenance of existing systems, ensuring anyone can have an effective water system installed without having to possess extensive technical knowledge!