Galcon Bluetooth enabled Single Station Controller with integrated Inline Valve

15/03/2017 04:00PM 0 Comment(s)

Manufactured to IP68 rating, allowing it to perform in all weather conditions, the 7101BT is designed to irrigate home gardens, drip and sprinkler systems, flower pots, roof gardens and flowerbeds.

Download the free app from the Play store to get started from your smart phone or device.

  • Programming and manual operation all enabled from your device
  • No more trying to program and locate buttons on the unit whilst reading the manual at the same time…. the App is highly intuitive and programming is super easy!
  • No need to scratch around in the Valve Box or locate the controller that's now hidden by overgrown plants to make changes, all programming can be done through the App

Click here to watch an instructional video on the Galcon 7101BT's programming and application, or View it here in our store to find out more. 

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