Ana Bera on: How Smart Homes are Saving Water!

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Smart Home Technology is taking over the world - it can be found all over the planet and is changing the way humans interact with their homes. But, it is also changing the way they use and consume water. Here are a couple of ways in which smart homes save water:

Why Is It Necessary?

Water is a precious resource. It’s one of the basic needs that drives life on Earth. Unfortunately, it’s taken for granted whenever it’s available in plenty. Governments and consumers need to protect their water resources by putting processes and plans in place before supplies dwindle.

Consider Cape Town in South Africa, for instance, which almost became the first major city in the world to run out of water. Luckily, the government and local communities banded together in a conscious effort to prevent water supplies running dry.

Can Smart Homes Help The Cause?

Smart homes are designed to make generic household chores both easier, cheaper, and more environmentally sustainable. This technology is aimed at making life eco-friendly, by ensuring water and other sources of power are used efficiently in every application. Many clever features are built into products to ensure less wastage and smarter water consumption.
Some of the areas of your house that may benefit from smart technology include:

Smart Showers

You can be honest: You probably let the water run until the temperature is just right, and only then do you start your morning scrub.

But, did you know that the average shower pumps 2 gallons of water every minute? Smart showers help to cut water wastage by getting the temperature to a preset heat. It will then stop the water flow on the right temperature. You can press a button upon your arrival to start your shower.

Smart showers will even store settings to remember your favorite shower presets. Water saving shower heads and flow trackers will also remind you when you are using too much water.

Smart Irrigation

You can automate the watering of your backyard by utilising a smart irrigation system. Connect the system to your Wi-Fi and control it from anywhere in the world by using dedicated smartphone apps to track and control your watering schedules. Some of these units will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into them. They will alter your watering schedules based on the weather, such as adapting to use less water after heavy rainfalls.

Smart Toilets

These units have multi-flush settings to only use the necessary amounts of water. Many of them have bidet functions as well. This cuts down on the use of toilet paper. Less toilet paper will ease the process of repurposing the grey water received from your toilets. It becomes easier to clean and store this valuable resource. Ready for a repurposed use like irrigation.

Smart Flood Sensors

These units can be installed all over your house. It’s best advised to use it in unobtrusive ways to support the aesthetics of your home. They can detect leaks before flooding becomes a problem, saving precious water from being wasted. Most importantly, it will save thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.

Grey Water 

Grey water tanks are nifty ways to repurpose used water, such as wastage from showers and laundry. These systems are connected to your appliances and redirect the leftover ‘grey water’ to other areas that may benefit, especially your garden.

Rain Water Harvesting

Having a Rainwater Harvesting system installed can also help to preserve water. By collecting the rain available during the wet months, you are able to safely store plenty of water for use during the hot and dry seasons. Pumping units are also available to supply your house with water from your storage tank, helping to save money on bills.

Many units will feature their own filtration devices, which help to rid the water of harmful pollutants, like leaves and sticks. You can also purchase smart devices, such as level indicators, to provide consistent information on the state and level of your stored water.

Be Advised!

Do enough research to find healthy and safe solutions to your problems. Be sure to find professional help before you connect effluent water pipes to grey water tanks. There is a good reason why sewage plants are necessary.

Smart Homes = Happy Planet

This technology is not only changing its customers’ lives - it’s helping the planet. These water saving features will have a positive effect on precious water resources. Use these products to enjoy the benefits. You’ll also go to bed knowing that you are doing your part to help save water.


About Ana Bera:

 As the Head of Marketing and Content at SafeAtLast, Ana uses every opportunity she gets to learn from others, and then generate fun and informative content from those opportunities. She is a Toronto-born world traveler who is hungry for knowledge and ready to make a difference in the marketing world. With a focus on Smart Homes, Ana takes interest in every aspect of energy-efficiency within a household, from security equipment to smart water-efficient irrigation.

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