7 Must-Have Landscape Lighting Solutions!

21/04/2020 12:15PM

#1: Bollards & Path Lights
Bollards (posts with lights that illuminate from the top) and Path Lights (with fixed or adjustable heads) are the ideal lighting fixture for brightening pathways and entertainment areas. As they are available in models that shine in every direction, they are a fantastic option for ensuring safe and well-lit movement around a property.

A: AQUALUX Hooded Bollards  |  B: AQUALUX Adj. Path Lights  |  C: HAVIT Fixed Bollards


#2: Garden Spike Spots
Spike Spots are a versatile outdoor lighting option, as they can act as a number of different lights in one. For example, when pointed at a wall, you can create an up-light with a wall grazing effect. Spike Spots are most commonly used in landscapes to illuminate plants, patios, walls, statues, and other garden features.

A: BRILLIANT Stiletto Spikes  |  B: AZOOGI Spike Spots  |  C: BRILLIANT Vista II Spike Spots 


#3: Wall Spots
Wall Spots are lights that can be mounted on a wall or post depending on their intended use. These lights can illuminate up, down, or both ways, while some models may be swivelled to achieve the perfect lighting display for your project. With many options available, Wall Spots are an ideal lighting solution for busy external walkways, covered paths, and general outdoor entertaining areas.

A: AQUALUX Adj. Wall Spots  |  B: AZOOGI Adj. Wall Spots  |  C: AQUALUX Up/Down Wall Spots


#4: Step Lights
Step Lights are vertically-mounted lights installed with the purpose of illuminating slopes and stairways, allowing for safe circulation around a property. These lights are available in a number of styles and colour finishes, providing an option for every property.

A: HAVIT Eye/Grill Step Lights  |  B: AQUALUX Rounded/Squared Lights  |  C: HAVIT Wedge Lights


#5: Strip Lighting
Strip Lighting is a fantastic outdoor lighting choice for patios, outdoor stairs, building facades, and entertainment areas. With a myriad of installation and application options, Strip Lighting is a worthwhile addition to any landscape or outdoor area.

A: AQUALUX Classic LED Strips  |  B: HAVIT Viper Lighting Kits  |  C: AQUALUX Neon Flex 


#6: Pond Lights
Add an extra touch to your backyard water garden by installing pond lights, either submerged underwater for illumination from below, or around your pond’s perimeter. Pond Lights are a great way to transform your pond from a basic water garden to a stunning landscape feature.

A: PONDMAX S/S Pond Lights  |  B: AQUASCAPE LED Lighting System  |  C: AQUALUX Pond Lights


#7: Deck & Up Lights
Utilise Deck & Up Lights in your landscape to illuminate walkways, add soft mood lighting to outdoor areas, and shine light on backyard displays (such as wall features, waterwalls, and shrubbery.) With a myriad of colour and style options, Deck & Up Lights are a fantastic addition to any landscape.

A: AQUALUX Runway Lights  |  B: HAVIT Up Lights  |  C: AQUALUX Squared/Rounded Up Lights